Monday, March 16, 2009


The finished product with my angel cat Bingo on top showing it off nicely:)

This is a couch I decided to refabricate.......

This is one I sent to my Grandmother just beacause....they were designed in a brown glass square vase that I wrapped with a sheer brown thick ribbon.... it looked good I thought I better take a picture right befour I wrap it up....The bird I glued to the grass so it would look like it was almost flying...

Easters Coming

These I thought were just adorable.....I filled the tall vase with vase filler and played with pink tulle and wrapped it around the top of the vase ... I stuck a bush of grass in there and stuck the moss bunny on top... we used these as decor in the cooler and in the middle of a group of tables we sell plants on....turned out good :)

Filled Up Cooler

Sunday, March 15, 2009